Custom Residences

Award-Winning Residence - Orinda, CA

Award-Winning Orinda, CA Residence (above)

Custom Home - Lafayette. CA

Custom Home - Lafayette, CA (above)

Custom Spanish Colonial Home - Orinda, CA


Builder's Drone Videos

Custom Spanish Colonial - Construction Complete

Custom Spanish Colonial - During Construction


Modern Hillside Home - Orinda, CA
photography by Indivar Sivanathan

Pacific Palisades, CA Residence

Lafayette, CA Residence
with winery & wine cave

Residence - Alamo, CA


Custom Home at Wilder, Orinda, California
photography by Indivar Sivanathan

Residence - Tiburon, CA


Residence - Tahoe, CA

Custom Residence - Lafayette, CA

Custom Home - Alamo, CA


Custom Home - Lafayette, CA

Custom Home Tennis Cabana in Orinda, CA
Buried into hillside with a living garden roof.


Builder: Rockridge Builders; Interiors:  Ani Albers; Landscape Architect: Eric Blasen
Above Cabana photography by Indivar Sivanathan.


A Car Fan's "Mustang Stable" - Orinda, CA

When moving to his new residence on a high ridge crest overlooking Orinda, this collector of vintage Mustang automobiles wanted the ultimate home for his treasures. Complete with three bays, car lifts, a comfortable area for relaxation, and a stunning view of the lush hills below, this project created the ultimate "man cave."  To see more details about this project, click here.